The work was generally supervised by Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, and is loosely based on the eHAWZA, an electronic English-language School of Islamic Theology.

This syllabus was compiled by a team of Islamic studies students. It was a combined effort from members of various Islamic centres around Australia and the wider English-speaking Muslim community around the world.

The syllabus has been almost 10 years in the making. However, it remains a work in progress and all feedback, suggestions, queries or corrections are very welcome. Please note that the syllabus is being continuously updated.

Please provide any feedback you have through our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Main Sources:

  • The Holy Qur’an
  • Hadith Encyclopaedias, in particular ‘The Scale of Wisdom’ (Mizanul Hikmah) and ‘The Lamp Niche for the Best Traditions’ (Mishkatul Anwar fi Ghuraril Akhbar)
  • Islamic Laws book of Ayatollah Sistani
  • eHAWZA, Imam Husain Islamic Centre,

Our History

The Islamic Syllabus project began in 2009. It was launched as a result of a conference between several Islamic Schools (madressahs) from around Australia.

At this conference, is was agreed that there was a need for a new syllabus for our schools, and that the main features would need to be:

  • Accurate, well-sourced and referenced content
  • Relevance to Muslim students living in the West
  • A stronger focus on theology
  • Linguistic adequacy (grammar, fluency of language)

After this initial conference, a team of Islamic school (madressah) teachers, most of whom are/were eHAWZA students, began to compile lessons in a systematic manner under the general supervision of Sheikh Mansour Leghaei. In the  years since then, over 600 lessons have been compiled, across three major streams and five study levels.

The Islamic Syllabus continues to be a work in progress, with a number of planned stages for continuing development of the syllabus. Below is a summary of progress so far, and expected stages of development in the near future.

The stages of the project are:

  1. Pilot launch of the project at the Imam Husain Islamic School-2012
  2. Distribution and use of the syllabus at various Islamic schools around Australia- see our affiliations page- 2012
  3. Completion of two years of content for three levels (levels 1, 3 and 4) in the streams of Theology, Jurisprudence and Social Islam (2013)
  4. An update of the visual presentation of the lessons- 2013
  5. Completion of level 2 lessons and a critical review and revision of level 1 lessons- 2014
  6. Official launch of the online Islamic Syllabus- 2016
  7. Completion of level 5 lessons- 2015
  8. Detailed critical review and vetting of syllabus by a panel of experts (qualified scholars)- 2016- continuous
  9. Developing supplementary content (Powerpoints quizzes etc) – 2018-current
  10. Combining forces with SABA Foundation, KISA Foundation and Risalat Assoc. to develop a new system and curriculum under the ‘steps to perfection’ header. 2020- Current

A long path ahead guided by the light of Islam. May God (SWT) grant all the Tawfiqh to take this project to its fruition.