The Islamic School Syllabus offers online learning modules in different streams for different age groups. The following age group levels are catered for:

  • Level 1: ages 5-6
  • Level 2: ages 7-9
  • Level 3: ages 10-12
  • Level 4: ages 13-15
  • Level 5: ages 15+

The syllabus uses a ‘spiral’ learning system, in which information learnt in previous levels is re-visited and enhanced at the next level. This is to allow older students to start at the level appropriate to their age group without having major knowledge gaps, and to allow students who have started at a younger age to revise and enhance the essential aspects of each learning unit.

The following streams are offered:

  • Theology-Fundamentals of Islam
  • Jurisprudence- the practical laws of Islam
  • Social Islam- the social rules of Islam

Once a student registers, they will be enrolled into all three streams at the level appropriate to their age group. Students will have access to the first unit of each course, but will only be able to progress to subsequent units after completing the first unit within that course and the related activities and quizzes.


We welcome all students from all backgrounds to apply for any of the courses available. There are some basic eligibility criteria that we do require students to meet.

1-   All Students should have access to a compatible computer and access to the internet in order to be able to access the syllabus and quizzes online

2-   Students should be fluent in English language as all lessons are in English

3-   The Courses are not designed for children under the age of 5

If you feel you have met the basic criteria, please fill out the enrollment form to get you started!